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I’m giving you the system that you’ll need to generate results and opportunities for yourself consistently on LinkedIn.  This Playbook is built out through Notion (a free tool).

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It’s Hard Being a Creator

Ask any creator — making a living with your content can be complex.

Monetizing is hard. Doing it consistently is even harder. Especially with so many different ways to make money and so many courses and tips on how to start. The problem is that EVERYTHING could work. But if you try to do everything, NOTHING will work.

I’ve been the guy behind other creators, and business owners, for years. Helping them grow their personal brands, leverage video, create systems, and build their businesses. From some of the biggest influencers in the personal development space to micro-influencers that are now running six and seven-figure businesses.

I’ve also been in front of the camera. In fact, I was one of the first video creators to ever use LinkedIn. I leveraged the platform to transform my life.

From having -$900 in my bank account, no clients, and barely skimming by to working with badass clients, flying around the US to speak on large stages, and building a powerful network that opened doors I did not even know existed.

There’s SO much opportunity on LinkedIn for creators.

The good news? You can have success too. And this Playbook will help you get there.

Why LinkedIn?


It’s not always about how many people view your content.

It’s about WHO views your content.

  • Decision Makers
  • Your Ideal Customers
  • Hiring Managers
  • Potential Sponsors
  • Etc.

You’re just one connection away from a completely different life.

One piece of content away from a completely different life.

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world. It’s waiting for you: connections and opportunities at your fingertips.

And there’s a massive opportunity to stand out and make a name for yourself on the platform right now.

Who is this For?

Video Creators

You’ve created on other platforms, but you want more leads, growth, and opportunities. LinkedIn is the place for you.

Business Owners.

If you have a business behind you, you will get the most results out of this playbook.


This Playbook is going to push you to lean into your uniqueness as a creator (not what everyone else is doing on the platform).

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Outcomes You Can Expect


  • Reach your target audience and build a network of potential clients


  • Ultimate clarity: around your personal brand, the content that you create, target audience, goals, and more.


  • Learn how to repurpose videos you've already created to LinkedIn as is, and in different formats, for optimal results.


  • You will create a system and process for creating content and tracking results. 


  • More confidence, more views, more results.


  • Create a LinkedIn action plan (based on your goals).


What's Inside The Playbook?


01 — The Playbook

This is a digital Playbook built out via Notion. This will help you gain clarity around your personal brand, create a direction for yourself, track your growth, replicate your best results, and create systems and workflows that you can repeat. I avoided systems for a long time — and then I realized that content creation became a “prison.” It was like working a job I didn’t like. Systems are the way to freedom. This playbook is my system and in this DIY program, you’ll learn how to use it to create your own and start growing on LinkedIn.


02 — Access to Recordings of Group Coaching Calls

Within you will find access to the recordings from twelve [12] group coaching calls. On these calls, we worked through problems that creators, just like you, were facing.


03 — Recordings of Live Sofa Sessions with Experts

In the Playbook, you will find three [3] one [1] hour recordings with experts. These were all creators that generate real revenue and real results with LinkedIn. I have no interest in fluff or vanity numbers. I only care about the results.


04 — Community

Content creation can be lonely. One of the most rewarding parts of this program is getting to learn from those around you. I don’t have all of the answers and there will be times when community members prove me wrong (I love those moments)! We will all grow and learn side-by-side. Within the Playbook you will find a link to our Discord community. This group is a support group for creators, there is also a private section within the group for this program.


05 — Templates, Tools & Systems

Here’s what you will receive:

  • A 30-Day LinkedIn Action Plan.

  • A LinkedIn profile guide.

  • Tools to help you get clear around your personal brand & goals.

  • A system to help you create & schedule content.

  • A tool to help you track & replicate your results.

  • Guidance for creating your own templates based on the content that you find generates the best results.

  • Tips on repurposing your videos to LinkedIn for maximum results.

  • And more!

My Process

My approach to content, and business, is a modified version of the scientific method. I’m constantly running experiments, asking questions, and trying to replicate my results (there’s an experiment template for you in the Playbook). This program was built out of an experiment that I did with about 40 people. You don’t have to be as detailed as I am. BUT I will teach you how to learn from your own “experiments” so that you can grow faster and get more opportunities.

I’m not going to make you post content that makes you cringe. However, this Playbook will push you out of your comfort zone so that you can achieve your desired results.

Are you ready to level up on LinkedIn?

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