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What Does it Mean to be a Creator?

other Aug 03, 2022

Because so many people want to be one.


How hard is it being a creator?

I didn’t really fit in as a kid. Growing up as I did, and then all of a sudden [being a creator] having so many people like, comment, and tell you how great you are. How smart you are… it feels nice. Real nice.

And if you don’t have a strong foundation (which I didn’t) that can go to your head very easily. Which [for me] it did.

Being a content creator is great. But it also can suck depending on how you build. There are a lot of things in the realm of content that are not talked about enough.

Things like:

  • Transparency around money

  • Authenticity (are we really being authentic)

  • The negative sides of social media

  • How do you actually monetize?


There’s so much to explore — all of which will not happen in this video (but hopefully down the line we’ll be able to dig into it).

The problem with being in the business of being a creator is that anything could work. But doing everything will definitely not work. So what are some successful content creators doing? And what does their life look like?


Creating the Event

We chose 4 creators: Richie Burke (Entrepreneur & Podcaster), Jackie Hermes (Entrepreneur, Podcaster, and Creator of “Many things”), Justin Jackson (Filmmaker & Entrepreneur), and Sam Lister (Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Video Creator, and creator of his “Dream Life”).

Here’s what we explored:


  • Their definition of “Creator”

  • Do they make money on their content? And if so, how?

  • How hard is it being a content creator

  • How many hours go into what they do a week?


What does this mean for you?


My biggest takeaway is this — everyone does it a little bit differently. If you just copy someone else, you’ll end up living someone else’s dream. So get clear on what you want. How many hours do you want to work a week? How much time do you want to spend creating? Do you want employees? How much do you want to make? What do you want your life to look like?

A big part of why content creation is so alluring is because it appears to promise freedom. But most creators don’t actually have that freedom. Make sure you structure your “business” in a way that gives you what you’re looking for. Otherwise, what’s the point?