TLDR: I have helped build a lot of people’s personal brands. Now I’m focused on building my own and doing what I love.


About Me

I became an entrepreneur for the freedom (and because I didn’t seem to fit in anywhere else). That led me to working myself into a job: 80+ hours a week growing a company and managing employees. Everything came crashing down for me around the same time: my little brother’s passing, COVID, closing down my company, etc.

I drifted for almost a year. Uninspired. Not sure what to do or who I was anymore. Eventually my "wandering" brought me to Greatness Media - Lewis Howes - where I lead the marketing team for a year. But something was missing for me. 

I realized my whole life was about my accomplishments. Checking off the next goal. I wanted to Live more and Work less. And now here I am.


Currently, I’m focused on:


  • Running experiments. Both business and social.
  • Building a business that supports the lifestyle that I want to live.
  • Living more and working less.
  • Spending more time with my girlfriend and pup.
  • Learning how to snowboard.

Noteable Events & Companies I've Spoken At

  • TEDx
  • LinkedIn
  • VidCon

Let's Chat!

[email protected]