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I'm Quentin Michael

I became an entrepreneur for the potential freedom. But it just turned into another job: 80+ hours a week growing a company and managing employees. Everything came crashing down for me around the same time: my little brother’s passing, COVID, closing down my company, etc.

Now, I’m focused on running experiments and building a business that is aligned with my ideal lifestyle.

About Me

"His strategy is a huge part of what has grown my agency. We went from making a few hundred thousand dollars in revenue to making millions.” 

- Jackie Hermes

"Working with Q and his team has resulted in a huge pivot for me. With his strategy and creative mind I’m now a full time speaker and coach and walked away from 20 yrs in Corp America."

- Dylan Ali

"I will never not give this man credit for getting me started on LinkedIn. For sharing his findings abundantly with myself and so many others on LinkedIn crushing it with LinkedIn videos."

- Shay Rowbottom

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My Latest Experiments

I create social experiments & business experiments.

Two Grieving Strangers Write a Letter to Themselves

What Does it Mean to be a Creator?

A Mental Health Experiment | 30 Strangers


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